Top 5 free tools for startups

16th May 2017 | Decision Tree Consulting
Top 5 free tools for startups
So we all have heard and tried our hands at 100$ startups, but free is better, right? Imagine not having to worry about paying a penny for your dreams to push off. Imagine if there were ladders that would take you higher and help you grow and prosper. Absolutely free!! We bring to you five free tools for your start-up that are worth it. 1. START UP STASH - A know-it-all dictionary of resources and tools to help you build your startup. Make the most of this tool, right from picking up ideas to deployment of resources to legal and CRM help. This tool was named one of the 100 best tools for startups by Forbes Magazine in 2015. 2. DUE- This versatile free tool is a killer. It helps keep track of billing and productivity. Apart from that, it offers invoicing templates for domestic and international clients, recurring invoices, automated payment reminders and acknowledgments, reports, client and project database, digital wallet, domestic and global credit card processing and more. Get inspired and get your work streamlined. There is a free signup option, too! So, what’s keeping you from conquering your dreams? 3. THE NAME APP – A free name generator created by Chrisitian Perez, for budding entrepreneurs. It is not always easy finding names for your startup when you have so many ideas running through your mind. But help is at hand with this free tool. Search for domains and social profiles with THE NAME APP. It is easy, free and helpful when you are trying to come up with a strong social presence. Free download available from Apple iTunes. 4. SHAKE– Everyone is bound to fall into the legal trap of doing things correctly. And if you aren’t aware of fancy law terms and jargons, simply log on to Shake, to shake-off all your legal worries. You can use it for creating, signing and sending legally binding agreements in seconds. It s convenient and simple to use. 5. PABLO BY BUFFER- Increase your social media engagement by designing images for your social media posts for free. PABLO BY BUFFER is super quick and easy to use. Say your message with style with over 25,000 templates to choose from. For the images and texts that you searched for, from within Pablo, there would be no copyright or licensing problem. Still a better idea would be to read in-depth text on licensing policy at With these exciting free tools, the web is yours to exploit - just remember to keep it ethical and fun. There is no better time than today to launch your startup. Use the above mentioned free tools, and, of course, your imagination to build a promising startup. As they say, every idea can realize wealth if implemented well. Use these free tools to amass yours!


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