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3 ways startups can use LinkedIn to boost their business

3 ways startups can use LinkedIn to boost their business

15th July 2017 | Decision Tree Consulting

We are all well aware of the blood, sweat and tears involved while building a startup. However, a majority of startups fail and shut shop due to their inability to reach the right customer pockets owing to a lack of access to cost-effective, targeted marketing opportunities. That is precisely where social media platforms such as LinkedIn work wonders by helping startups reach their potential markets through professional networking. With over 467 million members on-board, LinkedIn has emerged as a great cost-effective platform for startups to grow their business by optimising professional networks.

Have your doubts about this professional network? Here is why a LinkedIn account is just what you need to boost your business:

1.       An easy way to make connections

LinkedIn’s easy-to-use features like ‘People You May Already Know’, niche-specific filters and search features are a great way to increase your connections directly, without wasting any time. LinkedIn also enables you to easily create business-specific groups with other like-minded businessmen to start relevant discussions important to your startup. Further, potential opportunities can be discussed through personal messaging. Your startup is sure to gain great exposure as it is introduced to the LinkedIn business world.

Top Tip: Connecting with people who have 1000+ connections enables you to build an expansive, meaningful and an extensive network of potential buyers, investors and partners.

2.       LinkedIn allows prospects to easily find your startup

LinkedIn’s highly optimised search engine emphasises on the professional title. Therefore, by creating a compelling and professional profile for your business, you can be easily discovered by your target audience and value chain partners through the LinkedIn landscape as well as on Google searches. Through this profile, visitors know exactly what your startup does. For instance, if yours is a graphic designing startup, simply list your skills as well as the tools and technologies you work on to start getting views from other LinkedIn members. It is important to be very honest while building your profile as false information will eventually come to the notice of the visitors, who wouldn’t shy away from giving your startup a bad review.

Top Tip: Do upload your business logo in the profile picture, and also upload videos and product images for better profile searchability and customer engagement.

3.       Recommendations go a long way

LinkedIn allows you to ask your connections for recommendations through requests. You can use this to your advantage by requesting clients or partners, who will, through positive recommendation, emphasise on what your company does best. This will showcase your proficiency and skills, and also add credibility to your profile. The recommendations will also give visitors a complete view of your professional performance and capabilities. Recommending other businesses in return is also a great way to build a beneficial business cycle.

Top Tip: Professional networking works on a ‘give and take’ arrangement. Chalk out some time each day to actively recommend your contacts and add value to group discussions. Avoid blatant selling of your products or services on LinkedIn. Try to carve a niche for your brand as a thought leader.

In the recent years, social media has become less of an optional marketing strategy and more of a priority. Startups have a distinct advantage in the social media realm because everyone wants to know about new businesses. Every startup needs a way to showcase its products and services to the prospective clients, and that is exactly what LinkedIn helps achieve in a cost efficient manner.


Remember, your LinkedIn profile is a tool to boost your business’ growth by manifolds. So hurry! Create a detailed business profile for your startup and begin networking with prospect clients, value chain partners and even investors.

Top 7 mistakes that young investors make

Top 7 mistakes that young investors make

13th June 2017 | Decision Tree Consulting

Did you know that if you begin investing in your 20s, in the first few years of starting a job, you could grow your savings exponentially over the next few years?Even if you’re 30, and you start saving about Rs 2000 per month, you would be left with Rs38.4 lakh once you retire at 60.

If you haven’t begun investing yet, it’s never too late to get started. Before you take the plunge, here are 7 mistakes to avoid.

1. Procrastination

Don’t delay until tomorrow, what you can do today.For example, at 25, if you start a systematic investment plan (SIP) of Rs 5,000 in an equity fund that gives 12% returns, in 30 years, you will earn Rs 1.77 crore. If you wait till 28 to start investing, the amount accumulated will be less by Rs 56 lakh. The longer the delay, the smaller is the corpus. An online SIP calculator will help you work out your returns.

2. Investing without a plan

Are you guilty of investing money just to meet those last-minute tax saving deadlines given by your company? Ad-hoc investing happens when you have to rely on advice from others. This does you more harm than good because the investment is in line with their financial objectives and not yours. Don’t block your money in unproductive investments. Take time out and make an investment plan with your financial goals in mind.

3. Not doing enough research

If you’re looking to invest, the options are aplenty-saving in a bank account, buying common stock, real estate, mutual funds, and short-term deposits. Just make sure you don’t invest in businesses you don t understand. Set some time aside every day to learn about investing. Your knowledge will increase and you’ll also end up enjoying it!

4. Falling for Ponzi schemes

Remember the Saradha scam, where 1.74 million people lost more than Rs 20,000 crore? These are investment schemes, which promise to give you high returns in a short time. They pay returns to existing investors out of money collected from new investors rather than from profits. Before you consider putting your life savings into these schemes, stop and think about what you’re doing. Remember, a way too good offer only exists in fairytales.

5. Failing to Diversify

While professional investors may be able to make a lot of money by investing in a few, focused areas, young investors should diversify. When you invest in only one set of securities offering the same returns and subject to the same regulations, your chances of loss also increases if one of these securities tank. Experts suggest not allocating more than 5 to 10% to any one investment.

6. Not willing to take risks

Don’t play it safe and invest in low-yielding fixed income instruments like FDs, NSCs, bonds, etc. As a young investor, you must take advantage of more aggressive asset classes, because you have fewer expenses, no one financially dependent on you and you won t need that money anytime soon.

7. Lack of Patience

A gradual yet steady investment approach will always work for you in your quest to wealth creation. While professionals can make educated guesses, no one can the future. Keep your expectations realistic with regard to the length, time and growth that each stock will encounter.

Saving for retirement should not be the only reason for you to plan your investments. Inflation cuts an average 3.87% of your money’s value every year. Investing is the best way to grow your money fast enough to beat inflation. If you start young, you have the advantage of time, the ability to withstand risk and opportunities to increase future income. 

Why wait? Start investing today!

5 Things Failure Can Teach You About Success

5 Things Failure Can Teach You About Success

26th May 2017 | Decision Tree Consulting

There is no shame in failing. In fact, failure is one of the greatest teachers, is something every successful person would tell you. And this holds true even in the startup world – entrepreneurs often face disappointment and failure at several stages of their journey, however, only those who are patient and intelligent enough to learn and move on, without repeating the mistakes, create history in terms of businesses we all look up to.

In fact, a pivot, one of the most popular buzzwords in the startup world currently, simply means a setback or an experience that changes the face or direction of your business completely. A very positive way to harness failure for growth, indeed.

Today, we share 5 things failure can teach you about success:

Personal growth – Failure can help you rediscover your strengths and find your real self. When you fail, you understand the importance of success, and realise the value of your family and friends who swear by you during thick and thin.

Professional Growth – This may sound impractical to some, but failure can lead to professional growth if leveraged in the right sense. Failures not only provide you with the opportunity to objectively analyze what went wrong but also present the opportunity for the entire team to come together and brainstorm new strategies for success.

Positivity – Rising from a failure is one of the biggest lessons in positivity. Failure teaches you to control your thoughts and tame your mind. We all know how our thoughts turn into reality shaping our lives. So staying positive in times of tribulation and focusing on the success you deserve could be the key to transforming any setback into victory.

Financial Management – Several young companies fall into a cycle of debt, especially because the focus in early stages is usually placed on numbers and not on sustainable business models. A failure can provide an entrepreneur with the financial insight that is important for the ultimate success of any business.

Light follows Dark – Many a great person stumbled before they took the flight to success. And therein lies the most important lesson for everyone – success follows failure, only if one perseveres. Instead of giving up, if you could practically analyze the situation, accept your mistakes and re-strategize, there is no doubt you will reach your destination sooner or later, richer with experience and hindsight.

There is no shame in failing and starting over again. Einstein and Steve Jobs felt proud in sharing their failures that shaped their success. So take heart and don’t let anything break you down on your entrepreneurial journey; a failure is but a stepping-stone in your journey.

Top 5 free tools for startups

Top 5 free tools for startups

16th May 2017 | Decision Tree Consulting
So we all have heard and tried our hands at 100$ startups, but free is better, right? Imagine not having to worry about paying a penny for your dreams to push off. Imagine if there were ladders that would take you higher and help you grow and prosper. Absolutely free!! We bring to you five free tools for your start-up that are worth it. 1. START UP STASH - A know-it-all dictionary of resources and tools to help you build your startup. Make the most of this tool, right from picking up ideas to deployment of resources to legal and CRM help. This tool was named one of the 100 best tools for startups by Forbes Magazine in 2015. 2. DUE- This versatile free tool is a killer. It helps keep track of billing and productivity. Apart from that, it offers invoicing templates for domestic and international clients, recurring invoices, automated payment reminders and acknowledgments, reports, client and project database, digital wallet, domestic and global credit card processing and more. Get inspired and get your work streamlined. There is a free signup option, too! So, what’s keeping you from conquering your dreams? 3. THE NAME APP – A free name generator created by Chrisitian Perez, for budding entrepreneurs. It is not always easy finding names for your startup when you have so many ideas running through your mind. But help is at hand with this free tool. Search for domains and social profiles with THE NAME APP. It is easy, free and helpful when you are trying to come up with a strong social presence. Free download available from Apple iTunes. 4. SHAKE– Everyone is bound to fall into the legal trap of doing things correctly. And if you aren’t aware of fancy law terms and jargons, simply log on to Shake, to shake-off all your legal worries. You can use it for creating, signing and sending legally binding agreements in seconds. It s convenient and simple to use. 5. PABLO BY BUFFER- Increase your social media engagement by designing images for your social media posts for free. PABLO BY BUFFER is super quick and easy to use. Say your message with style with over 25,000 templates to choose from. For the images and texts that you searched for, from within Pablo, there would be no copyright or licensing problem. Still a better idea would be to read in-depth text on licensing policy at With these exciting free tools, the web is yours to exploit - just remember to keep it ethical and fun. There is no better time than today to launch your startup. Use the above mentioned free tools, and, of course, your imagination to build a promising startup. As they say, every idea can realize wealth if implemented well. Use these free tools to amass yours!


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