• What is the process for startups to get incubated at CIBA ?

    For getting incubated at CIBA-

    1) Apply for Ground Zero pitch on our website.

    2) Fill the application form

    3) You will be invited for the ground zero event where the entrepreneur should present a brief summary of the business idea / plan in a presentation format to the panel.

    4) You will get an email/call from CIBA regarding the results.

  • What is the acceptance criteria for startups for getting incubated at CIBA?

    Acceptance criteria varies from startup to startup, but in general only those with feasible business ideas and a workable business plan are admitted.

  • How will CIBA help my startup?

    CIBA will provide-

    Essential services like co-working space,Internet connectivity,meeting rooms,video


    Business Plan assistance

    Mentorship & Networking

    Affordable pricing for co-working space

    Access to Professional services like CA, CS,Legal(IP), Branding

  • Incubation? What's That?

    Incubation can be defined as a process of nurturing young startups by providing them infrastructural, management and networking support through incubation centres.

  • Does CIBA provide seed funding?

    Yes. The Seed Support is for incubatees (physical resident units within CIBA). The funds are meant for early stage funding for indigenous ideas and technologies requiring up-scaling and related work. For more details go to seed funding section on our website.

  • What is the internet speed?

    Each member gets an internet speed of 2 mbps.

  • Are pricing plans inclusive of taxes?

    No. The prices listed are independent of service tax which will be applied at billing.

  • Can I leave my laptop at my desk?

    Our co-working space has 24×7 security, with guards present all the time. If you are a permanent member, you can leave your files, laptops etc in your on your desk/locker. However, for members with a floating desk, we advise you to take your belongings with you when you leave the hub.

  • Is tea/coffee separately chargeable?

    No. The cafeteria provides members with free tea/coffee twice a day for each member in specified time.

  • How do I book the meeting room when required?

    Yes. You can book a meeting room in advance through our internal member management system after you’ve signed up.

  • How much do I need to pay to reserve my office space?

    We require a deposit equal to a month when making your first payment.

  • What are the timing for the space?

    Our space will be open from 9 am to 9 pm.

  • How is the exit procedure?

    You need to inform the management before hand and sign an document regarding the exit of the startup from CIBA’s incubation process.

  • What is the average stage of the companies that present to the Network?

    We are accepting mostly Early Stage startups for the incubation process.

  • Can I have people from outside for meetings?

    Yes,but you will have to list out the names and number of people that will be joining you for the meetings to our management team.

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