Saurabh Sinha

Saurabh Sinha

Founder & Managing Partner REIN Labs

A serial social entrepreneur, Saurabh is passionate about rekindling the spirit of Innovation in people to enable them solve social challenges.Through REIN Labs, he and his team are focused on partnering individuals and organizations in their Research, Innovation and Incubation pursuits. To foster an environment of innovation and research at an early age in children, they are partnering a network of colleges in Navi Mumbai to run their incubation cells with a focused syllabus. They are deeply involved in helping potential entrepreneurs move their ideas to a minimum viable product stage.Some of the sectors he and his team support are Education, Farming, IOT, Dairy, Fine arts of India.In his work ex of over 18 years spanning manufacturing and e-commerce, Saurabh set up the Digital Retail Solutions practice for Ugam and Datamatics. He has incubated some of the leading Merchandizing analytics platforms, Digital marketing tools and Digital content solutions and that have been used widely in the e-commerce industry in the US. He has worked closely with Merch ops, Digital marketing and Analytics teams of Target, ebay, Walmart, Staples, Sears, GAP, Williams Sonoma, Office Depot, Office Max, Costco and Home Depot to name a few. He started his career in Electrical cable manufacturing and was part of Cable Corporation of India’s New products team in launching House-wires as a consumer product.He is involved in working on a number of social projects and takes deep interest in anything that can help build capability in people and society to self drive change.Saurabh has a degree in Electrical Engineering from SPCE.

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