Access to Investors, Mentors and entrepreneurs from the Startup Ecosystem.
60+ hours of collective Online and Offline learning.
Personalised Feedback on Assignments.
Hands-on experiential workshops to validate your ideas.
Program Completion Certificate by (CIBA & Capria VentureBasecamp)
Peer to peer learning
Case-studies and assignments.
Collaborative learning experience

Program Overview

The 6-week Entrepreneurship Foundation program developed by entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley will give you access to the right tools, resources and frameworks that will enable you to take the next step in your entrepreneurial journey. The focus of the program is to expand your horizons , strengthen your decision making process and ensure that basics aspects of planning your business are in place. The online modules and offline workshops shall consist of one on one mentorship, office hours, collaborative learning experience and personalized feedback on assignments.

Program Module

Week 1
Week 6
Sharpen your problem pitch
Identify and prioritize your riskiest assumptions
Craft your customer persona
Define your minimum "Lovable" product-minimum viable product
Pitch perfect - Elevator pitch
How to raise your first investment

Fee Structure

Program starts from
6th December 2019

INR 25,000*

*Inclusive of taxes

6 Weeks

How You Benefit From This Program

  • Personalised Logins to Online Program Content.
  • 30+ Hours of Online Learning.
  • 30+ Hours of Offline Workshops (Over the Weekend).
  • Access to Startup focused Case Studies and Assignments.
  • Personalised Feedback on Assignments.
  • One-on-one Mentor Sessions with Industry Experts.
  • Capria VentureBasecamp Frameworks, Toolkits and Canvases for each Topic.
  • Certificate by CIBA ( Government of India, Department of Science and Technology) & Capria VentureBasecamp (Silicon Valley-based Venture Capital firm).
  • Opportunity to Collaborate and Engage with Fellow Entrepreneurs, Investors and Key-Partners from the Ecosystem.

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What Will You Get

One-on-one Mentor Sessions with Industry Experts

One-on-one Mentor Sessions with Industry Experts

30+ Hours of Online Learning

30+ Hours of Online Learning

Relevant Case Studies and Assignments

Relevant Case Studies and Assignments

Personalised Feedback on Assignments

Personalised Feedback on Assignments

Access to Offline and Online workshops

Access to Offline and Online workshops

Capria VentureBasecamp Frameworks, Toolkits and Canvases for each Topic

Capria VentureBasecamp Frameworks, Toolkits and Canvases for each Topic

Who Is It For?

Working Professionals, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Aspiring Entrepreneurs, MSMEs and Students.


Online Instructor

Classroom Session Instructors

About CIBA

Centre for incubation and business acceleration also known as CIBA is a Technology Business Incubator catalyzed and supported by the Department of Science & Technology under the Startup India Action Plan. CIBA is committed to growing a collaborative entrepreneurial network by providing a one-stop support system for start-ups and transforming Mumbai as a hub for innovation.

About Capria VentureBasecamp

Capria VentureBasecamp upskills startups through a unique methodology and training program developed by veteran entrepreneurs who know what it takes to run successful ventures. Their team of experts has a combined experience of 200+Startups built & funded, $20 Bn Market Capitalization and worked for 70+Years in the startup ecosystem.

What startups say

“It provided an interactive framework for trying out our ideas, getting ideas from others, calibrating our approach and capabilities, and offered greater insights into the multiple dimensions of a startup. It offered a structured way of covering all aspects of the start-up - a comprehensive framework.”

Sundararajan S

CEO, Ubiqare Health

“I have been exploring several resources in strengthening the startup journey. VentureBasecamp has been a great tool for me to understand various parameters that actually helped me strengthen my deck and understanding more my startup. Workshops have been great efforts from our incubator.”

Amit Srivastav

CEO, Pixean

"The online curriculum is highly interactive and engaging and made us a team look at things with a much more objective outlook as compared to the thinking by ourselves. A lot of startup Jargons MVP, Product -Market fit, etc became more familiar and helped steer the thought process when we found ourselves stuck at a crossroad."

Prajwal Ajay

CEO, Gordian Tech

"The workshops have been great with several points being discussed in a structured manner. VentureBasecamp courses are detailed and make complex concepts simple to understand"

Harshala Chavan

Founder, Readsnet

"The VentureBasecamp course was a great way to take a step back from the daily grind and introspect and evaluate aspects of our business that we tend to not invest enough time into. As someone who believes that one never stops learning, the fine blend of theory lessons interspersed with workshops was a great way to grasp the various concepts taught. Thank you Capria VentureBasecamp and CIBA for this initiative. Highly recommended!"

Surya Pillai

Founder, Semly Pro

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