10 Reasons to Live in a Co-live

29th July 2019 | Samay
10 Reasons to Live in a Co-live




The Millennials as they call us right now, are a totally new culture itself in many ways. An entire generation that is constantly on the move. Dreams in eyes, zeal in heart and a spring in the pace being their defining characters. With the technological boom  having taken place in the decade, the environment also has seen a rapid change with the youth being on the forefront being the quickest to evolve on the fast lane. The evolution too has been on in every domain,among which the defining ones being  Work and Accomodation dominate the cultural shift!




As a result of this, the phenomenon that has seen a meteoric rise are the Co-working and Co-living Spaces!




An Ecosystem tailor-made to fit the needs of the needy, here are 10 reasons why it s the perfect answer to the Millennial Questions!




1.    Cost




Paisa! Rokda !! Damdi !!! Kaasu Kano!!!!


The biggest factor that dictates a millennial s lifestyle is the Cold Hard Cash! And with the real estate prices having touched the Stratosphere at near escape velocity, a home in a city is an unacceptable hole in a Millennial s Pocket!




Answer: Coliving Space!


Here, on a fractional expense a backpacker can get a cozy bed in a plush house without any hassles of House Huntings! Negotiations! Adjustments and most importantly, India s obsession with married couples!


"We are giving to families only!"


How many of you have already heard this??




2.    Atmosphere




Let s get this straight, Homes in a strange city are either lonely or constricted with Landlord s Aflatoon Policies! Both of which gets on the Millennial Nerves who are all about finding their own expression.




Answer: A Coliving space!!


It is one setup where they can truly breathe free.




3.    Community




Ever felt alone in the crowd? Well it s not just you bud, that s one of the biggest side effects of the life on the fast lane. Each individual has a different make-up, a unique construct and hence different preferences and different needs. Any Millennial who moves to a new city would relate to the rarity of finding a person with matching wavelengths!




Answer: A Coliving space!!!


It s a space which has a rainbow of different kinds of people who are all on their own passion Driven Journey!




4.    The Travel





Well with Uber, Ola, Google Maps, easy transport and Instagram! Travelling has become one of the biggest fad among us millennials. But as any Traveler would testify, a new city with it s new culture, language, way of life and rules! Both written and unwritten can prove to be a bigger bite than one can chew.




Answer: Coliving Space!!!!


Well, this is a place where one can find like minded adventurers from any corner of the world…


A Generation that is on the move needs a pitstop where one can pitch in and acclimatise! A Coliving Space, provides exactly that!




5.    Settling In





When setting foot in an uncharted territory, anxiety is only natural, especially in a place where the language and culture is something new. Too many questions just adds petrol to the fire. Questions like where will I live? Where will I eat? Whom will i meet? How would it be?




Answer: Coliving Space!!!!!


These are the places that have popped up in most of the cities where one can live in a friendly atmosphere among a warm cheerful community.




6.    Healthy on the move







Another aspect very close to the Millennial heart is Fitness! As when on the move one would just hate to fall down sick or carry along restrictions for health reasons.




Answer: Coliving spaces!!!!!!


These are the places that are tailor made for traveling, exploring, enthusiastic Millennials,hence every need is taken into consideration. Good Coliving spaces are decked with fitness tools and links with the medics for it s inmates use.




7.    Landlords







Well, One word. Landlords!


The nagging, The taunting, The bullying, The policing, The nosing, The interference, The hankering, the Deposits and of course, The deadly statement, "We don t give to bachelors"! (with some exceptions of course) any person who has stayed in another city and taken up a space would know this way too well! And frankly speaking, we millennials hardly have the patience for the bare necessities, for other things its either “Get it done or Take a walk” attitude. Over that, The Landlords is just Unbearable!! 




Answer: Coliving Spaces!!!!!!!


These are the spaces on rent where there are no Looming Landlords Loitering on your head. NO Hassle, no nagging just pay your day charge and chill!




8.    Independence







Freedom and Independence! The two core necessities of the Millenial, in a rental housing structure or even one in the hotel structure, the independence to live as they feel, do stuff when they want to do stuff, that little slice of life on their own terms? (Of Course not something that will land you in Jail)




Answer: Coliving Spaces!!!!!!!!


These are the spaces that are designed with personal independence in mind, it s a safe place where as long as one is not creating a nuisance for others, they will never be impeded from their stuff.




9.    Synergies





As easy as it may be to say it, we have all experienced at some point or another the mammoth task of finding a right person to synergize with something, be it for a job, a business venture or life itself.




Answer: Coliving Spaces!!!!!!!!!


Coloring Spaces of different cities inevitably turns into a melting pot of ideas, cultures, philosophies, stories, fables, adventures and experiences.




A bustling coliving space is basically the world in a nutshell with a package of the best it has to offer. If a dreamer lands here, it s but obvious that they stand the highest chances of hitting the perfect chords!




10.  Party!!!!!!!!!!





Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice!


The perfect formula with all the ingredients for a perpetual party mood!




Co living spaces are where travelers of different walks meet at a point and build strong bonds of camaraderie and friendship, one free from ulterior motives, expectations of hidden agendas. It s a place where genuine networks are made and human links linking borders and even continents are created. And is such a place of friendship, love and freedom, all the time is Party Time!!










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