Food and Food all the way!

7th October 2019 | Samay
Food and Food all the way!

Food Processing !!


The evergreen trade that Was, Is and Always Will Be

The economy of the world always runs in a cycle. The never ending circle of Boom and Recession and the Boom again, in every domain and while this happens, though it may be for a specific domain, no domain remains completely immune to its effects. However, there is one domain which remains mostly unhindered by the roadblocks and obstacles caused by the economic turmoil, The Food Sector.

Come what may, people need Food. In comparatively worse off scenarios, if not for luxury, at least for survival. Moreover, considering the rapid urbanisation of the world as a whole and the skyrocketing growth pace of consumerism that the world has witnessed over the last 5 decades. Processed food has become an irreplaceable in a regular urban dietary habits , although, to a very large extent the same has spread into the rural sector too in a massive way.


This makes processed foods stand as one of the industries of our times, and being so big, it s still its far from saturation, just because of the simple human need of varieties in everything. From various juices, jams, confectionaries, sauces, flour, meat, sea food, even cooked or semi cooked food are available in the market on a large scale and also takes a lion s share of the total commercial exchanges in a market, acting as a regular draw, making the processed food market one of the most wide open markets of the present time.


Addressing this scenario and in an attempt to empower the people, especially those belonging to the region of the coastal state of Goa, The Centre For Incubation and Business Acceleration (CIBA) is organising a full fledged month and half long programme in tandem with the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India in Food Processing. Named as the Food Processing Technology based Entrepreneurship Development Program,

this course is extensively curated and designed to train the participants in all the various aspects of Food Processing with the aim of empowering them enough to move ahead and start their own Entrepreneurial Venture in that massive space.


The TEDP program is specifically designed with the purpose of training a fresh individual even on an aspirant level, in the different facets of a food related business. From processing, preparation, packaging, preservation to licencing, branding, market research and analysis, everything is covered in the same. Through this program, the Government and the organisations like CIBA are diligently working with a single point program of Creating an abundance of Job Creators!!



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