13th March 2020

3 PM - 5.30 PM

CIBA Assagao

Introducing "CIBANxT - Master Class Series for the Disruptors"
an initiative by Centre for Incubation and Business Acceleration (CIBA), India, Where you can avail a series of master classes in different aspects of the Entrepreneurial world!!

Topic: Paradigm - Art of Thinking Simple

Speaker:Mr. Anay Kamat,
Mobile Practice Lead, Equal Experts India.

Brief about the topic - Every entrepreneur has to constantly solve problems. To be able to solve problems, it needs to be broken down into smaller problems that can be solved. We all have heard and known this, but it s easier said than done.
To be able to break down the problem, we need to be able to look at it in different ways, through different models. While the problem at hand remains the same, different paradigms provide different ways to solve it. Learning about paradigms can help us be better at problem-solving.

This session will present how complex problems were solved just by thinking differently and focus on understanding different programming paradigms.