27th April 2017 | Decision Tree Consulting
In this era of entrepreneurship, where every day a new startup enters the world giving hope to many unknown faces to hit the jackpot and become nothing less than midnight millionaires, it’s worth noting the transition from the 90’s to 2000’s. Of course, the major credit goes to the ‘internet’. Known to all are the basic essentials for any startup in today’s world which are very simple and minimalistic - a laptop and the internet. Most of the startups in this E-wonder era require content marketing not just as an awareness/survival tool but as one of the most important marketing instrument. Let’s take a look at what Content Marketing is - Content Marketing as described in a Forbes article is “a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.” In a layperson’s language, it means instead of pitching your products/services, all you have to do is provide truly relevant, useful, rich and valuable content to prospective clients and customers to attract them, driving profitable customer action. Content Marketing refers to online content such blogs, white papers, press releases, social media posts, newsletters, opt-in email marketing campaigns, videos, and images which are used to connect and engage with one’s target audience. WHAT MAKES CONTENT MARKETING SO IMPORTANT? 1. It is affordable. 2. It is an effective form of marketing that targets both primary and secondary target audience. 3. It develops the ‘voice’ of your brand. 4. It generates sales with just keeping the audience engaged. 5. It makes your brand generate ‘value’ and ‘relevance’, unlike any other information online. HOW TO CREATE A CONTENT MARKETING STRATEGY? 1. Define your aim & know your goals. 2. Define your target audience. 3. In case of an established audience, revisit the parameters by conducting market research before starting with the content strategy. 4. Establish a content management system for your ease. 5. Brainstorm content ideas and use the important tools such as Buzzsumo, Content Forest, etc. 6. Define what sort of content you want to create. There are a variety of options to generate content. Here are some of the popular ones used by marketers - 1. BLOG POSTS - Easiest to start is a company’s blog wherein you majorly try to cross-promote other content. Using SEO increases the value/ranking of your content. 2. EBOOKS - In the form of a narrative structure with great visual design, eBooks help in educating your audience. 3. WHITEPAPERS & REPORTS - Similar to eBooks, these are less graphically designed and are mostly used to partner with other organizations. 4. INFOGRAPHICS - This is a mix of both - info and graphics. You need an amazing graphics person for this. 5. VIDEOS - A timeless option. All you require is high-quality video content to expose your brand to a wider range of audience. Content Marketing is an effective tool and should be used as a part of your marketing strategy. Quality content is all you need for any form of marketing such as for Social Media Marketing - you need great content to post, for SEO, PR, PPC, etc. content has to be consistent and marvellous to anchor the audience’s brain to your business. From leads to sales, content marketing is one such strategy that will help your brand connect and engage with your audience at every stage of the buying cycle.




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