Setting the right startup culture

25th November 2016 | Decision Tree Consulting
Setting the right startup culture

Developing the right culture is instrumental to a right start, be it in your personal life or professional. Setting the right work culture in a workplace ensures ethical work standards that everyone agrees on. In fact, starting early in your company’s life cycle is essential because cultivating the work culture you idolize with a small team of people is easier than starting when the team is already old and thriving. By that time, the old employees fall into set patterns and the same may be propagated to new team members.

If you have just established the company of your dreams, now is the right time to establish the work culture you have always envisioned.

Here are some tips to help you:

Start early – Starting early is most important to starting right. With the founding team, it is easier to establish the work culture and ethos you desire due to more chances of one-on-one interaction with the team. However, with a bigger team, this may be a challenge. Having your founding team aligned with your vision will ensure that the right message is passed across to future hirees.

Know what you stand for – While the ultimate aim of every business is to be operationally profitable, the values of a business go deeper than that. How much do you value your customers, is it quality that you strive to deliver or quantity or turn around time is your defining factor? Or a mix of all three (that’s ideal)? Think about the real purpose of your company and convey this to your team, right at the outset, to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Hire the right people – It is important to set your company’s vision and mission statement before starting the hiring process. It is crucial that the interviewees are acquainted with the company’s ethos and purpose, and their views be heard on it. Undoubtedly, there cannot be a compromise on the quality of hirees, but knowing whether they are aligned (or agree) with the company’s culture or not can make a lot of difference in terms of teamwork and floor productivity in the future.

Apart from taking care of the above points, entrepreneurs must train their team members to take ownership of their work. As the business grows, you will not be able to handle everything alone. What you need are good leaders to efficiently train and manage your team in line with your ideals and goals. Setting the correct work culture early on can ensure this. Further, don’t forget to review the work culture at your workplace every now and then.







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